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MLADG L-29 updated

Hello guys ! New update for L29 by MLADG AERO. This is the 1801 version and it includes : – compatibility changes for X-Plane 11.10 – a more detailed 3D-cockpit – a (re)included „export“ version (standard engine, western instruments) – several other fixes and changes. Good thing in the last...


JarDesign A330 V3 Ready ! Alpha-testers required !

Hello my friends ! Hot news today ! JarDesign published yesterday a post to announce the beginning A330 V3 alpha test ! Only private tests at this moment but public beta coming soon for all owners of this aircraft (X-Plane 11 version) !! You can postulate here (only by skype)


GH Deluxe updated – JarDesign A330 V3 Ready

  Great news, Ground Handling by JarDesign has received a new update few days ago. It includes A330 V3 support which is coming soon ! What new: + incoming JD330 ver.3 ready + add custom datarefs for aircraft developers More informations and download link available here (JarDesign Forum).


AeroSphere Seminole G1000 released

The Seminole V4 which includes an updated steam gauge and G1000 is now released. This is a free update to those who have already purchased the Seminole, just log in and download it from the store. New update available for this aircraft including G1000 ! Available here  


Lille Lesquin coming soon 🇫🇷

Hello guys ! New freeware scenery is coming soon ! This is Lille Lesquin, a French airport localized in the north of France (near Belgium). The author posted it to the gateway, we hope it will be accepted !


FJS 737 TwinJet V3 released !

To a point this aircraft represents the new era in X-Plane. The X-Plane11 era. Yes already there has been some brilliant releases for the simulator in the last year and for X-Plane11, but this aircraft represents something far more. This aircraft takes all the features that X-Plane11 delivered and uses...


Environment + released

New mod to improve your sim ! And this is free ! Great alternative to XEnviro. Looks very good ! Note to low Pc, maybe -5 FPS impact. More informations here.


FJS 732 V3 Beta – Video

Hello simmers, today I find a nice video published by Torbinator97 on YouTube. It shows the 732 V3 in beta version, very impressive !  


VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 VR Update released !

Hello guys ! New update available for VSkylabs’s DC-3 with VR support ! A VR-related update was just released, allowing a full VR experience with X-Plane 11.20-beta built-in support. Both Yokes, all levers, knobs, switches, handles – including the lower and aft landing gears and flaps handles are defined for VR operations. The...