SimTiles V3 available – 30% off Black Friday !

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  1. Chris says:

    Is this product worth it? As an ortho user myself, it has my interest. Is it hard to use? Does it do tree textures as well?

  2. Gaspard says:

    Hello Chris !
    So I searched on the website and on the forum. Apparently the summer / winter transition is done in one click. For rendering, here is a link with videos :
    Concerning trees, a pilot asks the team with the same question. I give you the answer as soon as they answer. =)

    Edit : here the answer

    QUESTION: “3D” tree foliage remains the same after conversion, correct? The video I saw shows green coniferous trees on the white snow, as it should be, but I’m assuming that with your product deciduous trees remain green also, correct?

    Thanks again.

    > I left the conifer green, because this is in Switzerland a given reality, in most parts. We don’t have this very white, heavy snow carrying conifers like in Canada. Would be an easy task to switch the bitmap file in the resources\bitmap folder.

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